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Espy House Washington's Reserve - Barrel Strength

Espy House Washington's Reserve - Barrel Strength

Bedford, Pennsylvania

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Discover Washington’s Reserve: Espy House Washington’s Reserve Number One, a tribute to the spirit of our founding father.

This exclusive, single barrel, barrel strength bourbon embodies a legacy of distinction. Its carefully curated profile tantalizes with aromas of brown sugar, crème brûlée, butterscotch, and a hint of aged leather, crafting an olfactory journey into history.

Upon tasting, prepare to embark on a discovery of flavors. A delightful compilation of mixed nuts and baking spices dance on your palate, weaving a tapestry of traditional American tastes. The finish surprises and delights with notes of spearmint, mellow oak, black currant, and a whisper of cinnamon, offering a complex and satisfying end to your journey.

Enjoy this remarkable spirit that captures the essence of excellence and the spirit of discovery.

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