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Espy House George 1794

Espy House George 1794

Bedford, Pennsylvania

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 Discover "George 1794," Espy House's flagship straight bourbon whiskey, a tribute to the bold spirit of Pennsylvania's farmers who stood against the first U.S. Government whiskey tax in 1794.

This exceptional blend encapsulates a rich history in every glass. Immerse yourself in its deep, smooth, and complex character where each sip unfolds layers of brown sugar, a symphony of spices, and the luxurious sweetness of toffee. As the narrative of this bourbon unfolds, lighter notes of dark fruit dance with a hint of anise, creating a finish as memorable as the rebellion it honors.

"George 1794" is not just a bourbon; it's a journey through time, an experience of rebellion, crafted for those who appreciate the intricacies of history and the finesse of fine whiskey.

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