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Salta Montes Tequila

Salta Montes Tequila

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Discover the pure essence of tradition with Salta Montes Tequila Blanco.

Born from a 100% Mexican-owned distillery with 95 years of family tradition, this spirit is handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico. Our agave plants thrive for 7 to 9 years in fertile volcanic soil before they are harvested, slow-cooked in wood and masonry ovens, then triple distilled for ultimate purity. This meticulous process ensures an 80 proof tequila that shines in the glass, offering an accentuated, tantalizing agave flavor. Perfectly suited for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails, Salta Montes brings the spirit of Jalisco to every occasion.


Experience the distinction, discovery, and delivery that BOTLD offers with Salta Montes Tequila Blanco.

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