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Bird Gang Bourbon

Bird Gang Bourbon

Philadelphia, PA

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Discover the spirit of Philadelphia with Bird Gang American Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Kelly Green Limited Edition—a bold salute to the unwavering heart of Eagles' history, perfectly distilled for those who bleed Kelly Green

To the pregamers, tailgaters, dieharders and lifelongers, we present this Kelly Green Limited Edition Bird Gang American Straight Bourbon Whiskey—an easy drinking, no B.S. tribute to a gritty, hard-nosed era of Philadelphia Eagles football that authentically embodied the city’s blue-collar attitude.

Crafted from a traditional corn-forward mash bill and aged for a minimum of 3 years in virgin American Oak barrels, our Bird Gang Bourbon is bottled locally at 82 proof (41% alc/vol) and offers a smooth and easy taste with rich and robust notes of corn, rye, and a hint of malted barley. Thirsty Birds Fly Faster—and our Bird Gang Bourbon is best served neat as shot, on the rocks, or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Jon Nelson
    Ultra smooth

    I don’t typically drink bourbon whisky, yet this was probably the smoothest & easiest I have ever had.

    Eagles fan
    Great present!!

    We got this for our son-in-law for his birthday!! He was thrilled!!

    Not disappointed, but unimpressed

    Got it for the bottle/concept, of course, and will keep for sure, but would not purchase again. This Bourbon just is not good enough to sip again.

    Love the idea and the bottle but the juice is not good

    I just got a bottle this weekend and cracked it. Being a life long Eagles fan and a bourbon drinker I knew I needed this. I am sad to say that I was disappointed with the bourbon. 82 proof is too low and it just doesn’t have a good flavor profile. Hopefully future releases use a higher proof juice from a different source.

    Dalton Russell
    Thirsty fan!

    Is there anyway too have this shipped out of state, been a eagles fan since I was a kid and absolutely need this, was so hurt when I seen it’s only local :(