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Apologue Celery Root

Apologue Celery Root

Chicago, Illinois

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Discover the traditional production and progressive mindset at the root of these all natural, palate provoking liqueurs. With a non-GMO corn base and lightly sweetened with cane sugar, everything in the bottle is on the bottle.

Discover the unique allure of Apologue Celery Root, a liqueur crafted for the bold and adventurous. This herbaceous and savory spirit captures the essence of celery root, melding it with a symphony of botanicals including dill, tarragon, fennel, and a hint of lemon peel. Each sip reveals a complex, intriguing profile.

Perfectly versatile, Apologue Celery Root enhances a range of cocktails. Enjoy it straight for a pure taste experience, blend it with tonic or dry vermouth, or elevate a classic Bloody Mary. Its compatibility with gin and mezcal invites creative mixology adventures. Pair it with oysters for an extraordinary culinary delight.

Apologue Celery Root is not just a liqueur, it's an exploration of flavors, inviting you to venture beyond the usual and celebrate the joy of the unconventional.

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